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Bright Mountain Media

We are an AI-enabled marketing services platform built to solve a big invisible problem in our industry – marketing inefficiency.

Too many marketing dollars are are wasted on either imprecise or fragmented solutions. We’d like to put an end to that.

About Us

We’re on a mission to to create the most efficient marketing solutions in the world, delivering measurable advantages for our customers, partners, and people. And we’re just getting started.

We believe


Unification = Less Waste = Better Results


Doing more with less is the new reality


Companies with consumer-driven data at the core will win


Data without media or media without data will be at a disadvantage.


Our people are our most important proprietary assets.

Our Companies

Good on our own, better together – No handoffs, nothing lost in translation, no leaps of faith.

Big Village

Big VIllage is a research and analytics business that helps brands and agencies to better understand customer behavior, intentions, and attitudes to drive effective marketing and innovation.

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Deep Focus

Deep Focus is a creative and media agency built to solve hard marketing problems, efficiently. Named after a term in cinematography, we eliminate blind spots, so marketers can see the full picture when making their decisions.

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Wild Sky Media

Wild Sky Media offers massive global reach through hyper-engaging content & multicultural audiences, delivering diverse voices and perspectives on motherhood.

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BrightStream is a data enabled exchange built to drive advertiser and publisher value by integrating data-curated supply & demand into one cohesive platform, reducing waste and ambiguity for our customers.

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