About Bright Mountain Media

We are an end-to-end digital media and advertising services platform that efficiently connects brands with targeted consumer demographics.


Big Village

We’re powered by always-on insights.

Big Village designs, builds, and manages consumer insights projects and programs delivering ready-access, fast-track learning and human-led decision support.

Deep Focus

We’re creatives in love with our craft

A modern creative and media shop that positions brands to be lifted by their audiences with contextually crafted work in social, digital, and traditional channels.

Wild Sky Media

We're the authority on Moms and Motherhood

WSM offers massive global reach through our hyper-engaging content & multicultural audiences. We are here for mom throughout her motherhood journey. Helping families raise happy, kind & confident kids. Delivering diverse voices and perspectives on motherhood.


We’re built on advertising technology

Innovative advertising technology built for modern digital media audiences. Our mission is to transform programmatic advertising through more sophisticated technology—with simpler, more straight-forward integrations—and a culture of true partnership.

Management Team

Matt Drinkwater

Chief Executive Officer

Ethan Rudin

Chief Financial Officer

Andy Davidson

Chief Data and Analytics Officer

Jane McDaniel

Human Resources Business Partner

Galen Yalch

Global IT Director

David Albert

General Manager, Big Village

Todd F. Speyer

SVP Revenue Operations, BrightStream

Steve Scutellaro

SVP & Managing Director, Deep Focus

Bright Mountain Media is headquartered in Boca Raton, FL and has remote workers in many cities including Atlanta, Boston, Chicago, Cincinnati, Los Angeles, New York, Mumbai, and more.